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The Madisaurus Privacy Policies
Effective August 8, 2018

The following outlines the privacy policies of Madisaurus and the Madisaurus organizers (both online and offline).

This is the very first Madisaurus privacy policy. If this policy should ever change, a copy of this policy shall be archived here. If all or part of Madisaurus is ever merged, consolidated, dissolved, or otherwise modified — a condition of such, to the extent allowed by law, will always be the preservation of the promises made in this privacy policy.

Regardless of any future privacy policy changes, your personal data will never be used in a materially new way (a way not previously disclosed in the privacy policy in effect at the time your information was submitted) without your prior, informed, and affirmative consent.

We limit the amount of data we collect to only that needed to offer our service, regularly delete outdated information, and have appropriate security measures in place to protect your personal data from unauthorized access.

The kinds of personal data Madisaurus collects or receive includes: names, email addresses, registration statuses, participation levels, phone numbers, photography (which may contain identifiable likenesses), information as to whether or not you have previously won, sponsor information, vehicle descriptions, team names, team member names, and information about how you heard about the Madisaurus.

We neither collect nor maintain personal data from individuals known to be children (individuals under the age of 13) nor is any part of our site designed to serve or attract children. We do not use cookies, web-bugs, or other passive information collection methods on the Madisaurus site. We do not combine anything we receive with outside databases.

Except for those public disclosures incidental to the event (like the photography slide show at the Regale) we do not otherwise or deliberately share any information we collect with outside parties.

The information collected is used to administer and promote the Madisaurus (and for no other purpose). In two areas, we have also created additional information options. Specifically:

If you subscribe to our email announcement list, you have the option of unsubscribing from this list at any time. A link to the unsubscribe function appears on every page of the Madisaurus website, and on each email you receive.

If you give us your permission on the registration forms, we may also use some of the photography you submit during the Rally to create a slide show for the Regale, and a photo gallery on the Madisaurus website. This permission, even if initially granted, can be rescinded by you at any time, in which case we will work to take your photography down as quickly as we can. All photography shall remain the sole property of the photographers, all likenesses shall remain the sole property of those original likeness owners, and Madisaurus shall accumulate no ownership interest in anyone's photography or likeness.

Some of the site features (like our registration forms and social media pages), are facilitated by third parties, and while Madisaurus will only use the data it obtains from such third parties according to this privacy policy, these third parties (of course) maintain their own procedures. For your evaluation, the complete list of such third parties are:

  • Facebook (for our social media page and social media event page)
  • (for our registration forms and contact pages)
  • Dreamhost (for our email announcement list)
  • If you ever need to review or correct your information (or have additional questions about these privacy policies) please contact us, and we will work to accommodate your requests as quickly as we can. Note that in the instance of review or correction requests we will frequently need to ask verifying questions first in order to confirm your identity.

    All other Madisaurus policies are subservient to this policy, which is otherwise only limited where necessary to establish legal claims or defenses, protect the security or integrity of the website, respond to valid legal requests, or protect individual or public safety as allowed by law.

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