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How To Play The Madisaurus
On the morning of the event (around 9:00 am), Madisaurus will send you a list of 30 or so destinations. You and/or your team will pick FIVE destinations from this list (which five are wholly up to you), travel to those five destinations, take a photo of yourself at those five destinations, and send back an email for each destination visited (with your photo attached). Such emails should also:

          • Originate from your registered email address,

          • Contain a short message telling us where you are,

          • Come with your photo attached, and

          • Arrive before the 4:00 pm deadline.

The photos that you attach to these emails must also contain two elements. Valid photos will:

          • Clearly show your face / all the faces on your team, and

          • Clearly show the destination, in an identifiable way, in the background.

The destination list will be handed out at the Breakfast Briefing and/or sent to your registered email address (more or less all at the same time) and mark the official start of the Rally.

Only your first five submissions will count towards your eligibility to win. Additional submissions won't be counted unless something proves wrong with your first five.

If you're using a digital camera, or something goes wrong with your email, you can also physically bring your camera/phone to the rally station (the same location as the Breakfast Briefing) before 4:00 pm.


Only those individuals and teams with five valid submissions are eligible to win the Madisaurus. Once eligible, each individual/team is assigned a virtual "dance card" made up of those five destinations. Destinations are then drawn from a hat at the Regale until at least one dance card is completely filled.

In the instance two or more dance cards fill up at the same time, a panel of judges will convene and assign an overall winner based on the artistry and creativeness of the that player's submitted photos.


Consider submitting your photos as soon as you take them. Except for the Breakfast Briefing (more on that below) we usually recommend submitting photos as soon as you take them. Madisaurus will be setting up an "auto-response" for its own email account, so you "should" get confirmations when your emails are received. If something goes wrong, individual submission (rather than one big blob at the end of the day) may give you more time to identify problems, resend your photo, re-take your photo, or come by the rally station to deliver them in person. Note that Madisaurus will not be responsible for photos lost or turned in late because of technical problems, either with your gear or our own.

One destination is announced early. The Breakfast Briefing will also be an official destination. In fact, if you go to the Breakfast Briefing, consider taking a valid photo while you are there (even if you decide not to use it). If you do this, you can save that photo as a "spare," which you can still send in later before the 4:00 pm deadline if something goes wrong or you run out of time.

After the Rally is over, or you've already submitted your five "official" photos, we'd love to receive any additional photos you've taken if they'd make good additions to the slide show that evening.

Rules Monster


Play nice. While you are here we expect you to abide by the law, pay your tabs, and otherwise avoid behaviors unsafe, unreasonable, or objectionable. Anybody who can't abide by these guidelines may be classified (at our discretion) a non-participant, and subject to ejection and permanent bar without refund.

Play responsibly. It goes without saying that anything involving motor vehicles can be quite dangerous, and that property damage, injury, and death can result. By participating in the Madisaurus offerings you also represent your agreement (and capacity to agree) to participate safely, to understand and abide by these terms (collectively contained in the FAQs, Registration, Privacy, and How to Play pages), your careful consideration and acknowledgement of the risks involved (both likely and unlikely), and your agreement to take full responsibility for your actions, inactions, and choices (including your choice to participate).

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