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Register Now For The Rally!
Registration for the Rally portion of the Madisaurus is free, and can be submitted right up until the start of the Rally. Participating teams can be any size (one individual or many), although we would ask that you only submit one registration per team.

Note also that the email address you use here will also become your team's official "identifying" email address, and the one from which your team will need to submit its destinations/photos during the Rally. Destinations/photos submitted from any "unregistered" email address may not be counted in the final scoring.

Your Return Email Address (Which Shall Also Be Your Team's Official Email Address):

Your Own Name (As The One Registering And/Or The Team Captain):

The Name of Your Team (Please Try to Keep It More Or Less Family-Friendly):

How Many People Do You Hope To Have On Your Team?(Choose One):

Do You Hope To Make It To The Breakfast Briefing? (Choose One):

Can We Use The Photos You Submit During The Rally At The Regale Slide Show? (Chose One):

Can We Use The Photos You Submit During The Rally On The Madisaurus Website? (Chose One):

Do You Or Anyone Else On Your Team Hope To Make It To The Regale? (Choose One):

Please Submit A Brief Description Of Your Vehicle/All The Vehicles To Be Used By Your Team:

How Did You Hear About The Madisaurus? (Choose One):

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